Tax Reporting


Tax Preparation & Planning

clockWe prepare individual and business tax returns, help to create tax-saving strategies for the future, counsel our clients throughout the year on tax planning issues, and structure creative positions to reduce your tax liability.

We keep abreast of the latest tax and reporting issues affecting you and suggest short- and long-term strategies for lowering tax liabilities, prepare tax and other compliance documents.

Personal Tax Returns

  • What steps have you taken to minimize the tax you pay on your individual return?
  • Do you know where you may be able to reduce the tax you pay on your individual return?
  • Are you comfortable with and understand the deductions you take?
  • Do you know areas of your tax return that may be of concern to the IRS?

A tax preparer with the technical ability to prepare tax compliance documents as well as the communication skills needed to help clients understand the numbers is the key to finding the answers to the questions above. We will inquire to find all deductions and credits possible within the tax law.

Our tax preparers have many years of tax preparation experience as well as the experience needed to point out areas of tax savings while avoiding the high risk reporting areas. We will advise on tax-saving strategies for the future year.

Who Needs This Service?


  • Who need to file a tax return
  • Who have a small business – Schedule C, retirement income, dividend income, stock sales, etc.
  • Who are interested in minimizing tax liability while complying with tax law
Benefits to Our Clients:
  • Improved understanding of your tax position
  • Identification and plan for future tax savings
  • Informed decisions regarding tax-saving strategies


Business Tax Preparation & Planning

Paying income taxes is an inevitable part of doing business and cannot be avoided. However, you can avoid overpaying your taxes through proper planning and taking advantage of all the available federal and state tax benefits within the law. We can analyze your company and its tax structure and make recommendations for minimization of your company’s tax liability in the current year as well as in the long term. We can also explain the various tax structures available for your company and outline the benefits and disadvantages of each type of entity.

Our goal is for you to be informed about the possibilities for your company so you can make the best decisions.

Who Needs This Service?
  • S Corporations
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Sole proprietors
Benefits to Our Clients:
  • You can take advantage of the most current federal and state tax laws that are “business friendly” as they apply to your business.
  • You are more prepared to plan for future cash flow needs.
  • You are taking a proactive position in managing your company’s tax liability and plans for the future.